Finance Club

Personal Finance 101

On 28th March 2024 the Finance Club organised a special workshop on personal finance, led by Kushal Kumar and Benoyaimed at equipping students with essential knowledge and skills to manage their finances effectively. They covered topics like saving, insurance and investing. Students learned how to save money for their goals, and make smart investments. The workshop was interactive and it ended with a Q&A session with students asking questions and sharing their own experiences.

Interim Budget Discussion at SJIM

On February 6th 2024, the finance club hosted a lively discussion on the recent Interim Budget 2024-25, featuring presentations from Kanhaiya Jee, Merwyn, and Kushal from the second year.

Kanhaiya Jee commenced the discussion by outlining the key highlights of the Interim Budget. He discussed the government's fiscal policies, emphasising initiatives aimed at bolstering economic growth and addressing pertinent social issues.

Merwyn contributed by analysing the budget's impact on different sectors. He discussed on the allocation of funds to education, healthcare, infrastructure, and agriculture. Kushal highlighted potential challenges and areas requiring further attention, fostering a nuanced understanding among the audience.

The presentations were followed by an engaging Q&A session, where students actively participated by raising questions and sharing their viewpoints on various aspects of the budget.Overall, the session on the Interim Budget 2024 provided students with a platform to gain insights into the government's fiscal policies and their implications.

Macroeconomics and their impact on Stock Markets:

On 30th January 2024,the Finance Club hosted a session on how macroeconomics influences the stock market. Kushal Kumar and Kanhaiya Jee led the session.They started by talking about important economic indicators like how fast the economy grows (GDP), how prices change (inflation), and how interest rates change in an economy. Then, they showed how changes in these indicators affect how the stock market behaves. They also talked about how global events, like trade deals or conflicts, can shake up the stock market worldwide.

Exploring Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies: Highlights from SJIM Finance Conclave 2023
16th December 2023

The student led SJIM Finance Conclave 2023 dwelt on the theme “Risk Management & Mitigation Strategies.” Three distinguished industry professionals participated, delivering insights and experiences in the area of finance risk management.

Mr. George J Ollapally, Managing Partner at Ollapally Projects & Investments, and Director of Timken India Ltd., reminisced on the fundamental tenets of risk management. Mr. Viju Cherian, CAIIB - Former CEO of Diamond Trust Bank, now a Banking Strategy Adviser provided a comprehensive overview of general risk management strategies as essential criteria for crisis mitigation. Mr. Avishrant Keshava, Chief Risk Officer, CFO & Full time Director at Timken India Ltd., shared insights on the importance of best practices to safeguard businesses from falling into the trap of risks.

The seasoned professionals collectively illuminated the multifaceted nature of risks and presented a range of strategic approaches to effectively mitigate them. Student Coordinator, Mr. Kushal Kumar M expressed gratitude for the collective efforts that contributed to the resounding success of the Conclave. Finance Club Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Leo Deepak guided and supported the conclave.

The SJIM Finance Conclave 2023 emerged as a platform where industry expertise and student enthusiasm converged, fostering a deeper understanding of risk management and mitigation strategies in the dynamic landscape of finance.

“Central Bank Digital Currency and its Relevance” at SJIM

The Finance Club of SJIM organised a highly informative and engaging session on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) with industry expert Mr. Pratheep Balraj J, from the field of Banking. The objective of the session was to provide students with valuable insights into the concept of CBDC and its significance in the banking sector.

Mr. Pratheep Balraj J provided a clear and concise introduction to Central Bank Digital Currency, explaining its nature, purpose, and the role of central banks in its issuance. He elucidated the advantages and disadvantages of CBDC, offering a balanced view of its potential benefits and challenges. The session also explored the potential impact of CBDC on financial systems, including its implications for monetary policy, financial stability, and the banking sector.

The presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session, during which students had the opportunity to seek clarifications and engage in meaningful discussions with the speaker. The session provided students with valuable knowledge about CBDC, its significance, and its potential implications in the financial world. Dr. Leo Deepak, the Faculty Head of the Finance Club and Mr Kushal Kumar, the student coordinator for Finance club coordinated the event.

Finance Club Session on “Derivates”

The Finance Domain at St. Joseph's Institute of Management (SJIM) hosted an insightful session on "Derivatives” for first-year students on September 5th, 2023, at 5 PM. Led by the Domain Head, Kushal Kumar, and supported by Merwyn Rodrigues, Chirag, and Kanhaiya Jee, the session aimed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of derivatives, their applications, and their impact on the financial world.

The session began with a brief introduction to the concept of derivatives, then delved deeper into the different types of derivatives, including forwards, futures, options, and swaps, explaining their mechanisms and functionalities. There was an interactive Q&A session throughout the presentation, encouraging students to clarify their doubts and engage in active discussion.

The session concluded with a summary of the key takeaways, reiterating the significance of derivatives in the modern financial landscape.