CSR Activities

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp by Narayana Health (NH) at SJIM 15 th February 2024
The Blood Donation Camp was held in SJIM in collaboration with Narayana Health (NH), Bangalore. The objective was to create a sense of social responsibility among students, faculty, and staff while addressing the constant need for a stable and sufficient blood supply in healthcare institutions. It collected 106 units of blood.

The camp was set up in the Xavier’s Hall of SJIM. The logistics, including donor registration, medical check-ups, and refreshments were efficiently managed to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for donors.

The Blood Donation Camp witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and staff. Donors were provided with certificates of appreciation to acknowledge their selfless contribution. A qualified medical team from Narayana Health supervised the donation process. Rigorous health checks were conducted to ensure the eligibility and safety of donors. Dr Venkateshraj, faculty coordinator and Ms Irene Sneha, student coordinator for CSR activities at SJIM organized the event.

St Joseph’s Institute of Management and Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation (MSMF) at NH have an MOU for collaboration in the areas of mutual interest.