Industry Internship Program (IIP)

Industry Internship Program at SJIM
As part of the curriculum, every student goes through a full-time faculty-guided Industry Internship Program (IIP) to understand the industry workings and to make a pitch for a pre-placement offer (PPO). This intense 8-week-long IIP begins in the first week of April and ends in the last week of May. Then, it is followed by the submission of an internship report along with the company feedback.
Students are evaluated through the presentation of their reports, with the following outcomes of IIP:
• Provide a transitioning bridge between theory and practice for the students.
• Help to forge a strong relationship between academia and industry
• Create a longer connection between the faculty and the industry, for assessing the outcomes delivered during the program and to finetune it to meet industry requirements.
• Ensure greater access to the faculty who offer student mentorship & evaluation to make them industry-ready during the internship.