Pinnacle 2023

College fests are not just events, they are the celebrations of talent, unity and pinnacle is no exception. Pinnacle 2023 held the character of Magis- trying to do more and for the better. It was an ideal opportunity organised by the second-year students to showcase the talents of the first-year student while learning and applying practical skills. The event took place from Aug 19th – Aug 24th with a bookstore-based theme “Shop No:9 Lé Bookstore.”This gave an opportunity for the students to explore across 9 different domains.

1) Best Manager - Resurgence
2) Finance - Big-short
3) Marketing -Markoception
4) Human Resource-The dark knights
5) Entrepreneurship-Start-O-Prisere
6) Operations - T-Paradox
7) B-quiz-Business Odessey
8) Creative Productions- Promethean’s Chronos
9) Synergy- 369

This year the fest featured over 168 participants from the first year PGDM batch of 2023-25. The event also incorporated exciting tasks like Facing the press people, collecting funds, Idea pitch-in and many other small business simulations round to give students practical experience of running a business.Pinnacle this year saw 45 judges, out of which 32 were Alumni. They used this platform to share insights of every round and their learnings from their fest experience. Overall, the entire pinnacle was a great outcome of the hard work and dedication of the Business Fest Co-ordinator Mr. Jonathan Solomon and his team which will always stay in the books of success history of SJIM.