Director's Message

Educate, innovate and integrate are the three mantras of today both for business and education sector. We are living in a very fast-evolving world where unless and until we get educate ourselves to meet today’s demands, we will not be prepared to innovate and integrate the needs of today and tomorrow. We cannot respond to today’s questions with yesterday’s answers.

We, at St Joseph’s Institute of Management (SJIM), have been meeting the demands of today and preparing ourselves to meet tomorrow. The academic program at SJIM is geared towards answering today’s questions thus be ready to face tomorrow boldly and adequately. The various events both academic and cultural, aesthetic and artistic, innovative and creative prepares SJIM students ready for any role both business and non-business world offers.

The numerous programs to develop leadership skills, frequent interaction with industry leaders, rural exposure, corporate internships, industry-academia conferences and conclaves open up many opportunities for the overall wholistic growth of the students. Therefore, join SJIM Bangalore and be a Josephite: Nurturing Industry-Ready Competent, Committed, Conscious, Compassionate and Ethics driven Management Graduates. WELCOME!

Rev Dr Manoj D’Souza, SJ