SJIM Bangalore Kicks Off the Academic Year with an Intensive Orientation Program for New Students

SJIM welcomed the new batch of 2024-2025 with a comprehensive and engaging weeklong orientation program. The program was meticulously designed to ensure that first-year students start their academic journey with a solid foundation and a clear understanding of the institute's values, culture, and academic expectations for growth and learning.

The orientation week was packed with a variety of sessions aimed at holistic development, covering essential aspects of both academic and student life at SJIM. The sessions and activities included Business Communication, Personality Development, Introduction to Management Studies, Building Relationships and Teamwork, Navigating Academic Life, Understanding Student Life at SJIM, Jesuit Characteristics of Education, Exploring the core values and educational philosophy of Jesuit education, SJIM Values and Mission: Deepening understanding of the institute’s guiding principles and mission, Rural Immersion Program Internships and Placement Guidance, Library Orientation, etc.

The orientation program was enriched by the contributions of both SJIM faculty and distinguished external speakers. Among them was Fr. Francis D'Almeida, SJ, who provided valuable insights and inspired the new students with his wisdom and experience.

Through this orientation program, SJIM aimed to instill its core values and mission in the new students, preparing them not just for academic success but also for personal and professional growth. SJIM is excited to embark on this new academic year with its fresh batch of enthusiastic students, ready to explore, learn, and grow in a nurturing and dynamic environment.

The event dates: June 10-15, 2024