“Global Organization Design: A Practitioner’s Perspective” at SJIM

March, 11, 2024,
The guest lecture by Ms. Gayathri Veeraraghavan was marked by active student participation on the topic, “Global Organization Design: A Practitioner’s Perspective.” In addition to the lecture, the session included interactive activities and discussions to understand the design, development and dynamics of organizations from a practitioner’s lens. Ms. Veeraraghavaneffectively connected theoretical concepts with practical applications, enhancing students' understanding of the importance of OD specialist and their role in organizations. Additionally, she discussed OD models used by practitioners to explain how strategy, HR and OB assimilates to contribute towards an organization’s growth.

Ms. Gayathri Veeraraghavan is a successful Organization Development leader and practitioner with 17 years of experience in the industry and consulting. She is currently working in Amagi Corporation as head of OD&Learning, responsible for Talent Management and Leadership Development.Dr Nazia Z Memon, Assistant Professor at SJIM, who teaches Organizational Dynamics organized this talk.