St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

Marketing Club


In a field that changes rapidly, every day is a fresh start. The Marketing Club was formed on the very same notion - to innovate at every turn. This is the goal that the Marketing Club strives to reach. The mission reads, “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.” The Club logo is based on the idea that a colourful world is always preferred to a dull grey world. Therefore, the logo of this club comprises of the colours, red, blue, green, yellow and black. They connote the merging of variety that forms creative art in unity. This logo immortalizes the beginning of new ventures for the Marketing Club.

The club lines up events for the entire year which are aimed to deliver marketing concepts, theories, principles and content relevant to the current business environment. Through guest lectures and conclaves, the Club aims to develop innovative solutions in the minds of the students to tackle customer problems while also continuing to come out with strategies to stay ahead of the competition. These events offer detailed insights into what is happening in the world and the pivotal role that marketing plays in the success of an organization. By encouraging student participation in various events, the club helps to direct students to use the skills, tools and concepts that are required to succeed in the business world, while still being ethical and thoughtful in whatever they do.

The marketing club aims to keep itself visible and relevant by conducting a plethora of activities focused on spreading knowledge related to the domain to all students. Recently, a crossword competition was conducted by the club which helped the students gain knowledge while also adding a touch of fun. The Marketing Conclave - an annual marketing event of SJIM conducted by the marketing club - was an endeavour towards understanding the battle between algorithms and individuality in the modern marketing world together with the challenges of ‘selling the feature’ in the advertising industry. With its innovative and blitz marketing campaign in the lead up to Marketing Conclave, the club is redefining marketing while still being educative and innovative.