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Business Analytics For Managers
For practicing managers to get an insight into Business Analytics
Commencing on Aug 26, 2017

This programme will provide an Introduction to Business Analytics in 5 modules over 5 weekends (Saturdays 5 sessions, Sundays 3 sessions) with the basic concepts required to gain an insight into the field of Analytics. It will also have sessions for experience sharing from industry experts

The program will be very useful for persons who want a basic understanding of Business Analytics, pursue a career in Business Analytics and would like clarity on the opportunities available, those who will be managing analytics applications in their firms whether outsourced or developed in house and anyone wanting to create a business in the field of analytics.

The following 5 modules will be conducted in successive weekends commencing from the weekend of Aug 26, 2017

Module 1: An Introduction to Data handling and Visualisation
Module 2 : Basic Analytics Techniques and Evaluation of Models
Module 3 : Additional Techniques for Creation of Models
Module 4 : Software and Tools for Big Data working and specialized applications
Module 5 : Workshop on using Analytics for Classification / Prediction

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