Guest lecture on 8th March 2016 by Mr. Swamy Krishnan
Mr. Swami Krishnan, the Vice-President and Head of Employee Engagement & Development at Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, gave SJIM students insights into Power, Influence and Politics in an organization.

The lecture being held on Women’s Day, Mr. Krishnan began by telling the students to respect women and others as well.

He believes in ‘You teach the best what you learn the most’ and he did justice on giving students an overview on how Power and Influence are different, and Politics often considered bad - is really not bad and depends on the way one uses it.

There was a detailed discussion held on the various kinds of political bosses and political colleagues in an organization and how to deal with each.

One of the students also got an offer to participate in a project at Sasken based on his participation and questions asked by introspecting.

The lecture held was very helpful in understanding the topic of discussion: Power, Influence & Politics and work-life integration, preparing the students well in advance to work in a corporate world.

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