Guest Lecture/Business Strategy | August 2016
Mr. Anik Saha, Chief Business Officer at TransLab Innovations, was invited to speak on the topic “Business Model Canvas”.

Mr. Saha is a B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering and a Post Graduate in Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. Has worked for four major enterprise organizations like IBM, Agilent, Juniper Networks, Infosys and ILANTUS. He has over 16 years of work experience and has won Director's trophy in IBM for being one of the 'Top 10' performers in India & South Asia.

The key issues pertaining to the discussion was whether Business has to focus on Value or Volume? which is debatable. Mr. Saha also endorsed the view of Ankit Shiyal, our Second Year student who believed that “Focusing on Value generates Volumes”.

Mr. Saha gave the students detailed explanation of various terms and concepts which affect a Business’ profits, being the sole reason why a Business exists. He explained to the students the realities in tech field and how to identify a potential customer in a B2B model. He also explained how to address customers in the different levels of customer pyramids. He spoke about how return on marketing investment (ROMI) relates to the finances of a firm thus connecting various domains to profits of a Business.

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